The Girl Behind the Quill

I must admit I know little of where to begin. I am a college student in the South, in my senior year. I enjoy it wholeheartedly but I am ready to start my career in my chosen major, history. I work in a library, and have for ten years now, its what I love doing other than writing and researching numerous religions. I live on campus, which is why a lot of my posts are about being a pagan on campus, or being a student on campus in general. My religion is not all that I am though. Yes, I have been pagan for thirteen years, yes it is my calling but if that is the only trait I have, then I am a very static character in the show known as life, am I not? I love to write, to spend time with the many pets I have rescued when I go home to visit my family. I enjoy good movies, books, and because of my fiance the occasional sports. I love the rain on a tin roof, a hot mug of jasmine tea on depressing days, I love gardening year round and I love to cook.

So, this blog, however  focused towards being a pagan and going under the radar be it by choice or by circumstance there will also be a menagerie of other subjects I love to talk about. I hope you enjoy my ponderings and writings for I plan this to be a work in progress for years to come.

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