Kitchen Witch: “H” and “I”

As you all know I’m trying my best to get back into the swing of things. It hasn’t been easy to say the least, but its been a step in the right direction. As a lot of you might remember, I originally had a series regarding herbs and their magical properties, well, I’m starting that back up again. I hope you enjoy and let me know in the comments if I left anything out.


–Morgana Rose


Hawthorne: love, marriage, health, fertility, chastity, protection and death

Hazel: Spirit contact, manifestation, protection, prosperity, wisdom, dreams, divination, dowsing, knowledge, marriage, inspiration, wrath, fertility, intelligence, reconciliation, poetic inspiration, anti-lightning charm.

Heather: new beginnings, and self-discovery, enhancing physical beauty and bringing a peaceful resolution to any conflict. It is also used at initiations

Heliotrope: devotion, that to lovers as well as to a God or a cause

Hellbore:It is used in magic for healing of mental/emotional afflictions and for banishing and exorcisms. It has been used also for increasing intelligence and for protection and invisibility spells. Do Not Consume.

Hemlock: Destroy sexual drives.

Henna: Healing

Hibiscus: Lust, love, divination

Hickory: legal matters

High John the Conquerer: Money, Love, Success, Happiness

Holly: consecration and in spells for material gain, physical revenge, beauty, protection (esp. against lightening), luck and dream magic. Can also be utilized in any ritual relating to death and rebirth, and seasonal mysteries. Because holly burns very hot, it is suitable for any fire festival.

Honeysuckle: Honeysuckle flowers may be used in spells designed to determine the true worth of a person or thing. Is said to clear the mind, stimulate psychic powers, sharpen intuition, encourage psychic dreams, sweeten any mood and stimulate generosity. A flower rubbed on the forehead is said to increase psychic abilities.

Hops:  Healing, Sleep

Horehound: Protection, Mental Powers, Exorcism, Healing

Horse Chestnut: Money, Healing

Horseradish: Purification, Exorcism

Horsetail: Snake Charming, Fertility

Huckleberry: Luck, protection, dream magic, hex-breaking

Hyacinth: Love, protection, happiness

Hydrangea: Hex-Breaking

Hyssop: as a cleanser and a jinx remover.


Indian Pain Brush: Love

Indigo: related to symbolically closing the door (as in on a chapter of one’s life), endings, binding, revenge and rebounding.

Iris:  Purification, Wisdom

Irish Moss: Money, Luck, Protection.

Ivy:  Protection, Heeling


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