Urban Witches

Urban witch is a term that I see frequently on my trips through the endless hallway that is Tumblr, but every once in awhile you find a gem… like this one. Does it make them any less of a witch because they are of the modern city loving variety? I certainly don’t think so, but they are no more important than those who can successfully find graveyard dirt that was dug up by a virgin on the second day of the full moon either. I’ve experienced magic on both ends of that spectrum and everywhere in between. I feel safe to say I come with many experiences, and I wear many hats. Instead of a long winded post reflecting on the deep recesses of my mind and the philosophies of the pros and cons of urban witchery (which I might have posted about in a previous post) instead today I will list fun ideas that urban witches can and probably do practice.

Urban Witches Can…

  • Whisper messages to the gods in pigeons and stray animals.
  • Dispel negativity or curse another with the smoke from their cigarette.
  • Scry as they pour creamer in their coffee.
  • Create QR codes for spells and curses.
  • Meditate on a subway or a library.
  • Concoct spells on your stove to protect and bless your apartment.
  • Speak with the Gods as you drive.
  • Inscribing Sigils into pie crust and other dough before baking.
  • keep pictures of their loved ones in frames with sigils and hidden words hidden inside the back of the frame with sigils for protection carved/weaved into the frames.
  • Crochet protection blankets, or witches bags.
  • Enchant plants to absorb negativity.
  • Listen to music in headphones to raise energy.
  • Have full rituals in meditation without ever moving from their seat.
  • Shield their car from accidents by enchanting a car freshener, or making their own.
  • (Carefully) choose tattoos to reflect protection or an ode to a god or goddess.
  • Scry using books.
  • Bless carpet cleaning powder to aid as protection.
  • Clean the house to rid of negativity.

Alright all, I’ve exhausted my list, its your turn now. What do you do as an urban witch? Share in the comments below!




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